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tv   WNCN News at 7  CBS  January 25, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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the road is still covered in slush. and even with the warmer temperatures today, it still wasn't enough to melt that away. and actually, earlier, we saw people struggling out here to get their car going forward. temperatures maybe rising but so far, not enough to take care of the ice in this neighborhood. >> pretty icy. the spots that had shade on them. they're pretty iced over. >> we found that all throughout the wyndham community near six forks and 540. >> i'll find out if i can make it out of here. >> you may go down a road that looks clear and there's plaque ice. >> all across wake county there's a lot of secondary roads. it takes time to get them cleared. if you don't have to be on the road, it's a good day to stay home. in wake county, the kids get a day home from school. and you don't have to be a kid to have fun in the snow. we found one man driving around
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>> every now and then it's like it's cold? and i'm like yeah, so, i'm fine. >> he's not worried about ice flying off the top of his car but most people aren't in convertibles right now and the highway patrol urges them to clear their cars off before taking to the roads. >> snow, sleet, ice, you'll on vehicles. and when the vehicles warm up through the sun and so forth, those become dislodged and they become projectiles on the highway. >> statewide, the highway patrol responded to more than 2500 wrecks during the storm. now that the weather has passed, they don't want that number to rise. >> you're going to have patches of black ice that we want people to be cautious of when they travel in the morning. >> and back out here live, this is some of the roads that he's talking about. again, worrying about the black ice that could freeze over by
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and at this point, it's too early to get a good figure on how much it costs for the state to respond to this storm. back out here live also if you were wondering about your car, if you abandoned it maybe on the side of a road and want to know where to pick it up. it depends on where you did abandon your car. if it happened within a municipality, contact that municipality, if you need to reach out to the state. that web address is if you want to find out where to pick up your car. live in raleigh, bo minnick, wncn news now. among those out of school today, wake county. and as we told you, they'll have a three hour delay tomorrow. >> in part because of ice on the roads and in parking lots and in part because of power outages as well. steve spent the day patrolling wake county and has an update. >> power and schools. two of the big post storm
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a lot of parents want to know when are my kids going back? and others want to know when is the electricity going to flow again. especially those who had multiple outages. >> we lost it twice. we lost it friday evening. from about 4:00 to 8:00. when the initial snow storm hit. a couple times saturday morning and saturday evening. tonya and her family survived the storm with this trusty generator which has been a god send many times in the past. >> we got one when fran hit in 96. my sister in mississippi, they lost power in katrina. they live in south mississippi. we hauled it down to them in mississippi with a truck load of supplies. and it kept them going for about three weeks because they didn't have power. >> duke energy says more than a half million customers lost electricity during the storm and crews were still at restoration efforts today trying to get everybody back online. >> wake county was one of our
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>> today crews concentrated on jobs like this. >> as we moved along in the restoration process, a lot of the work we're doing is more challenging and complex. as you can see, we're here in the woods, they're working on a high voltage line. this is typical of the type of work and conditions that our crews are working in now. >> the ice left its calling card everywhere. and sometimes removing it was a challenge. not only was trying to remove the ice hard work, but it's hard on the equipment too. look at the shovel. see how it's carrying it up. crews like these folks deploy to the middle school where they were breaking their backs breaking up the ice. wake county school officials have two concerns, will the skyzooms have electricity when they reopen? and can kids, parents, and teachers safely navigate school property, crews like this trying to make sure all will be ready when schools open their doors again. here in raleigh, you can see the sidewalks are in great shape.
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car pool lane, there's just a tiny bit of water right now. if that water does freeze, that's part of the reason for that three-hour delay. school officials want to make sure any black ice that happens over night will melt away so kids can get to school safely tomorrow. three hours later but they'll get there. wncn news now. air traffic is getting back to normal at rdu. >> it's still a fluid situation. airports in new york and dc work to get up and running. this was the scene today at rdu. over the weekend snow and ice kept most of the run ways closed. at times there were more flights canceled than made it into the air. we talked to lucky ones who made it here. a broncos fan who flew to and from denver and a woman who had a business trip to new york. >> before we left, we tried to cancel our flights. we thought we wouldn't get the work done.
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were charging us money. we said let's just go. it worked out fine. >> you're one of the few people that didn't have a flight delayed or canceled. >> yes. >> i'm glad i was able to make it out. but i was sweating it for sure. >> officials urge anyone with a flight schedule today to call ahead or check online first. we have a flight tracker on warmer today but not tonight. wes hohenstein here with how cold it'll be for the morning commute. >> it's not going to be warm. was he sweating the flight or the end of the game there with the broncos and patriots ? maybe a little bit of both. outside right now, it's temperatures, 30s and 40s. we made it into the 50s today. that's why there was so much melting. warmer temps tomorrow. high pressure, pretty much keeping the east coast calm. and deservedly so after what we've been through the last few days. this cold front and that bit of rain will be here on wednesday.
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dryer, sunny weather tomorrow. but over night, it's still going to be cold. many of us at or above freezing. just a few of us below freezing. like up in southern virginia, northern virginia county, it's going to be very close. but again the triangle, down in sampson county, cumberland county, hoke county, all day cold but above freezing. as we head into tonight, we'll thin out and edge havely lose the clouds. 42 at 8:00. 38 at midnight. 33 tomorrow morning. and it gets warmer by wednesday morning. but we've got wet weather to talk about. i'll walk you through wednesday's wet weather hour by hour in a few minutes. all right wes. now to a tragic story out of robinson county, a seven-year- old was killed after being mauled by a dog in lumberton. they were playing in a field behind their home when they say three dogs came running after them. his brother says he jumped on
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could not get away. >> one was on that leg. and one was on that leg. and the big one just all of his face. >> the property owner declined to speak on camera but says he believes the kids somehow aggravated the dogs. >> it doesn't feel fair at all. it don't. i didn't even get a chance to hold my baby. >> the dog involved died at the scene due to over excitement. and the owner of the dog hasn't been charged. the seven-year-old's parents were told by social services they cannot have any unsupervised visits with their children during the investigation. police say a duke university student got robbed at gunpoint monday morning in durham. it happened near the round about. the student was not physically hurt. duke university sent out a crime alert to students faculty and staff. the durham county department of public health is investigating
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durham county detention facility. matthew mccain was found unresponsive in his cell last week. a group claims he died after a detention officer ignored repeated emergency calls. the department of public health will review sick call requests. there will be no staffing changes or disciplinary actions related to mccain's death. staying on top of water contamination in wake forest. families living in wake forest learned they were drinking water that had been contaminated with cancer causing chemicals. now one of the companies involved agreed to develop a plan toeclip the ground water that -- to clean the ground water that tainted the wells. letters were sent to families effected. they have 30 days to respond to the draft. part of the northeast saw two feet of snow this weekend. could you imagine if that happened here.
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snowfall that hit 16 years ago today. the panthers are headed to the super bowl. we'll break down the cost if you want to travel to san francisco and we'll hear from head coach ron rivera next. as we head to the break, here's a live look at i-40 and rock quarry road. you're seeing nighttime
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well after sunshine, dry weather, and warm temperatures today, we have more of that coming tomorrow.
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there's not a lot on air, online, wherever you are, wncn news at 7:00. >> no question about it. panthers mania is gripping not just the queen city but the entire state. >> the nation is taking notice as well. it's hard not to notice a team that's won 17 or 18 games. todd gibson joins us. >> what a run it's been for the panthers. a team that scores lots of points. plays great defense. and most of all has fun. it's not fun to play against these guys as the arizona cardinals will attest. the cats blowing out the nfc's number two seed. 49-15. now it's off to super bowl 50 where head coach ron rivera returns to football's biggest game after playing it 30 years ago. >> it's really neat.
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it's one of those thanks you work towards and hope for the opportunity to be in that class is really neat. i'd like to emulate what coach did and win it. but that's why you play on sunday. we'll find out. i'm very privileged. ron rivera played when the -- next for the panthers, denver. get ready for two weeks of talk on whether or not this will be manning's final game. that will be the top story leading up to super bowl 50. panthers an early 4.5 point favorite. local stores are having a hard time keeping up as panthers apparel is flying off the shelves. >> this comes as excitement and buzz grows for the panthers
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but as david found out, if you have plans to join the team out west, it'll cost you. >> as carolina keeps on winning. >> your total is 43.73. >> it gets tougher and tougher to find panthers' apparel. local stores stocked up in anticipation of the panthers' win sunday night. >> i don't think you can ever have too much panthers' gear. >> hundreds of fans came to load up on merchandise ahead of the super bowl. >> the store normally opens at 9:00 a.m. they opened monday morning at 6:00 because of the demand and excitement. >> we're going to the super bowl for the second time. i'm really excited about it. many fans looked into going to the super bowl. >> i feel comfortable with our chances of winning. >> but a ticket and trip out there will cost you. cheapest tickets going for
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hotel and ticket packages start at 5700. hotel and air fair. >> that's up there in terms of price. i'm going to stay around here and watch at home. >> at home is where most fans will watch the game. >> most people they don't even really watch football. they're really tuning in to see the panthers win. >> if you're looking around for a ticket for the big game, the better business bureau warns of ticket scams. always buy from a licensed seller. if you come across a deal that's too good to be true, it probably is. wncn news now. here it is again. another look at the matchup. panthers-broncos february 7th. a 6:30 kickoff in san francisco. the panthers are a 4.5 point favorite. the game will be cbs. we want to remind you, wncn is excited that starting february
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you can find out more about the change on and i'm in the weather center with chief meteorologist wes hohenstein. it's going to be near freezing but tomorrow will be nicer than today. >> we got 60s in the seven-day. not as cold as the teens we had last week. the bad news is it's still going to be cold outside. still close to freezing. but look at a snapshot we got this week. today, 52. that's a long way away from highs in the 30s last week. and that's our average high this time of year. so today, welcome to an average january weather day. 58 tomorrow. it'll be warmer. then we've got a cold front that will drop our temperatures later this week. we also have rain in the mix wednesday and thursday. out there right now, temperatures in the low 40s here in the triangle. still close to 50 down in fayetteville. up along the virginia border in the 30s. so i mean it's still cold outside. and it's still going to get cold. after all, it's january. it's just not going to be devastatingly cold.
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clou over night. we've got no precipitation. and we'll drop down to about 42 at 8:00. 40 at 10:00. as we continue hour by hour, we have 30s. out the door tomorrow, most of us just above freezing. that's all that matters. that one degree is all that matters for mother nature. it doesn't have to be 10 degrees for us to notice it but one degree. a lot of water on the ground won't refreeze. there's a lot of slush and ice on the ground. watch those shaded areas. those over passes and on and off ramps with trees next to them. that's where you can get into trouble. not a lot going on the the east coast. different from a few days ago. for us, the next weather maker is this little bit of rain and cold front that will be here on wednesday. let's talk about how that's going to go down. temperatures just above freezing. cancellations and delays and schools. and then toward lunch time, watch how some clouds will
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so a sunny start, but a cloudy finish. it's dry all day long. then wednesday, the cold front and rain moves through. notice what we have here, wednesday morning, we have rain moving in. we have the wintery precipitation staying up in the mountains. wednesday morning temperatures are going to be in the 40s. it'll be a cold rain. but i don't think it's going to be cold enough for anything else other than that. temperatures come down more. it's a different story. but right now it's a rainy day. cloudy, rainy through lunch time. scattered showers into part of the evening hours. and then we'll do some clearing but notice how the rain kind of hangs out along the coast, some of that that's going to sneak in here for thursday. wednesday, the wettest day, left over rain possible on thursday. no precipitation tonight. we're clearing the clouds. not as cold as it's been. but still, look at that. we have low 30s. most everyone, right at or just above freezing. the biggest concerns in the outlying areas, and up by the
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still need to bundle up. but the widespread refreezing won't be as big of an issue if we were much colder. and then during the day, no problems. more melting. more car washing going on. sunny skies. 58 here in raleigh. 57 in durham. 62 in fayetteville. and if you opt for the natural car wash, we've got that on wednesday. so scattered showers and colder temperatures as we drop into the 40s. even more so thursday with a 30% chance of rain. and those morning temperatures i mentioned, close to freezing tomorrow morning, 42 wednesday morning. back to at or near freezing thursday and friday morning. saturday morning as well. but as we get into the weekend, and as we look at the top line there, you can see we warm up to 51 friday. highs near 60 saturday, sunday, and monday, and snow will be a distant memory. so we'll probably get rid of all that snow after the rain on wednesday. but places like new york and dc, i mean, they could be at 60 degrees for a week. and they'd probably still have
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so it could always be worse. right? >> 26 inches in new york. wow. >> i don't want any part of that. >> it was nice to see the snow and ice melting here. >> i would hold off to washing the car until the end of the week. you'll be tempted tomorrow. but we have rain wednesday and thursday so friday is a huge car washing day. while this storm packed a punch mostly with ice, it wasn't record breaking.
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check this out, virginia tech students didn't let mother nature stop them from taking advantage of a snow day. >> this is a tradition there whenever it snows. animal snowball fight between the core of cadets and civilians. >> the adrenaline is really working right now. >> my game plan going in is to go straight forward and take everything and i'm ready. >> so you're going to be the sacrifice. >> they look forward to this every year. it's considered an item on every student's bucket list before graduating. 13-inch os inches of snow fell there. it's got nothing on the storm that hit raleigh january 25th 2000. the all time single snow accumulation record was set. the airport received 20.3-inch of snow.
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for several days. >> shutting down everything. >> here's a look at what we're working on for 11:00. >> backlash over wake county schools moved to delay and not close tomorrow. what parents are saying behind the move and the reason behind the district's decision. shots fired outside a north carolina mall. what started the commotion. and where the suspect is now. here's what's coming up
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we'l well our winter warm up continues tomorrow after low 50s today. we have sunshine and upper 50s tomorrow. but then it gets cold again. and it's rain on that forecast wednesday and thursday. again, lots of delays and cancellations tomorrow morning as we start close to freezing temperatures.
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